Toronto Transit Commission Trains

The TTC is the largest public transit system in Canada and the third-largest in North America, serving approximately 1.7 million daily commuters in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.

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Toronto Transit Commission Trains

Here's a list of all the currently active trains in the Toronto Transit Commission network.

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About Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates a comprehensive public transit network in Toronto, Canada. It encompasses a mix of subways, light-rail vehicles, streetcars, and buses, providing vital transport services across the city and its neighboring areas. The TTC's network is a crucial part of Toronto's infrastructure, offering both regular and specialized services, including Wheel-Trans for individuals with accessible transportation needs. With its significant daily ridership, the TTC plays a pivotal role in the daily commute of millions and in the city's overall connectivity.

Toronto Transit Commission History

Public transit in Toronto began in 1849 with privately operated services. The Toronto Transportation Commission was formed in 1921, taking over all routes and primarily operating streetcars at that time. The TTC, as it's known today, was established in 1954 with the opening of its first subway line. Over the years, the network expanded significantly, integrating buses, streetcars, and additional subway lines. Notably, the TTC also managed various other services, including the Toronto Island ferry service and the Gray Coach Lines, before focusing exclusively on urban transit.