Metra Metropolitan Rail Trains

Metra is the commuter rail system serving Chicago and its suburbs.

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Metra Metropolitan Rail Trains

Here's a list of all the currently active trains in the Metra Metropolitan Rail network.

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About Metra Metropolitan Rail

Metra operates in the Chicago metropolitan area, providing commuter rail services between the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. The system includes a network of 11 rail lines and covers a wide area, including major suburbs and locations. Metra is integral to the public transportation infrastructure of the Chicago area, offering an alternative to road traffic and easing congestion.

Metra Metropolitan Rail History

Metra was established in 1984 as a public transportation provider in Chicago. Since its inception, it has evolved to become a key component of the region's transportation network, expanding its services and infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the metropolitan area. Metra's development over the years reflects the changing dynamics of urban transportation and the increasing reliance on efficient commuter rail services.