Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Trains

The MBTA, commonly known as "the T," is the primary public transit system serving Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Trains

Here's a list of all the currently active trains in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority network.

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About Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), often referred to as "the T," is the principal public transportation operator in the Greater Boston area. It encompasses a variety of transit services, including subway lines, streetcar lines, bus routes, commuter rail lines, and ferry services. The system is notable for its integration and diversity, providing comprehensive transit solutions across the metropolitan area. Key subway lines include the Red, Orange, Green, and Blue lines, each serving crucial areas and interconnecting at various points for convenient transfers. The Green Line, partially operating as street trolleys, is particularly significant for its route through central Boston streets.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority History

The roots of the MBTA trace back to the 19th century with the initiation of private commuter rail and horsecar lines. This evolved into an electrified streetcar system under the West End Street Railway in the late 19th century, later succeeded by the Boston Elevated Railway (BERy) in 1897. BERy was instrumental in developing the early rapid transit system, including the Tremont Street subway, America's first rapid transit tunnel. By 1947, the operations were taken over by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), transitioning to public control due to the declining profitability of private transit operations. The MBTA was established in 1964, succeeding the MTA, and expanded its service area to include a broader region, addressing the needs of suburban commuter rail services. It became part of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) in 2009, reflecting its integral role in the state's transportation network.