Maryland Area Rail Commuter Trains

MARC is a commuter rail system serving the Washington–Baltimore area.

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Live Maryland Area Rail Commuter Train Map

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Maryland Area Rail Commuter Trains

Here's a list of all the currently active trains in the Maryland Area Rail Commuter network.

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About Maryland Area Rail Commuter

MARC operates under the Maryland Transit Administration and is contracted to Alstom and Amtrak. It consists of three lines: the Brunswick, Camden, and Penn lines. These lines connect Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and other areas in Maryland and West Virginia. MARC is known for the Penn Line, which is the fastest commuter rail line in North America, reaching speeds up to 125 mph. The system also integrates with local bus services and the Washington Metro.

Maryland Area Rail Commuter History

MARC, descending from older rail services like the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, began operations under its current name in the early 1980s. It has evolved from its origins in historic commuter routes in the region. Over time, it has expanded to include three main lines, with the Penn Line being a prominent part of the Northeast Corridor, demonstrating significant growth and modernization in its operations and services.