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VIA Rail Canada is a Canadian Crown corporation providing intercity passenger rail services across Canada, recognized for its scenic routes and commitment to enhancing the Canadian rail travel experience.

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Via Rail Trains

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About Via Rail

VIA Rail Canada is a Canadian Crown corporation established in 1977 to provide intercity passenger rail services in Canada. It operates over a vast network that extends across eight Canadian provinces, covering around 12,500 kilometers of track. VIA Rail runs services mainly on infrastructure owned by other freight rail companies, primarily Canadian National Railway. Its major routes connect key cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, offering both daytime and overnight sleeper train experiences.

Via Rail History

The creation of VIA Rail Canada was driven by the decline in passenger rail travel in Canada during the 1970s. Mirroring the model of Amtrak in the United States, VIA Rail Canada was formed as a response to this decline. In its early years, VIA inherited a diverse fleet from Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) railways and assumed control of their passenger services. Initially, the company struggled with a variety of old equipment and vast operational routes. VIA Rail has faced challenges over the years, including budget cuts and operational changes, but it has continued to play a vital role in Canadian intercity passenger travel.

Key milestones in VIA Rail's history include the introduction of new classes of service, awards for environmental initiatives, and the launch of unique programs to promote rail travel among Canadian citizens and tourists. Despite facing financial and operational challenges, VIA Rail has remained a significant player in the Canadian transportation landscape, known for its scenic routes and commitment to quality service.