Metro Transit Trains

Metro Transit is the primary public transportation operator in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area of Minnesota, offering light rail and bus rapid transit services.

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Metro Transit Trains

Here's a list of all the currently active trains in the Metro Transit network.

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About Metro Transit

Metro Transit operates in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, primarily serving the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It comprises two light rail lines: the Blue Line, running from Target Field to Mall of America, and the Green Line, connecting Target Field with St. Paul Union Depot. Additionally, Metro Transit includes a bus rapid transit line, the Red Line, which operates between Mall of America and Apple Valley. The network connects key locations including the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and various suburban areas, offering an efficient and comprehensive transit solution for the region.

Metro Transit History

Metro Transit's history is marked by a series of transformations and expansions. It began with the acquisition of the Twin City Lines bus system in 1970, which was then modernized and expanded. The idea of reintroducing rail transit to the region was contemplated in the 1970s but faced political and logistical challenges. The 1990s saw a renewed interest in light rail transit, leading to the establishment of the Blue Line in 2004 and the Green Line in 2014. Initially, Metro Transit was under the Metropolitan Council Transit Operations, but it underwent rebranding in 1997 to become Metro Transit. The network continues to evolve, with ongoing plans for expansion and upgrades to existing lines.